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The Interactive San Francisco Map

The Interactive San Francisco has many capabilities not immediately apparent. Here is a guide to using the map. I recommend that you print this out before clicking on the map.

  • To zoom into an area, click on the Zoom-In button (the button turns red) at the bottom of the map. Move the cursor into the map, point at an area, and then press the mouse button and hold it down to draw an appropriate square around the specific area that you want to see.
  • Repeat this process and you will end up with high-resolution aerial photos of houses.
  • At the high-resolution level, click the Identify button, then click on a specific property (outlined in blue). This displays the SF County Tax Assessor's parcel number for that property, which will also show the street address in the table to the right.
  • Much more information about an area (such as diversity, income, education, and so on) can be obtained by clicking on the top tab Demographics on the right-hand table. Set the radius to whatever seems appropriate, such as 0.5 miles.
  • To move to other areas, click on the Move button (it turns red), then pull the map in the opposite direction, completely off its space.
  • Moving works best if you are in medium rather than the highest resolution.
  • Checking the various display options listed under the map, such as parks, neighborhoods, or schools, will produce the desired display on the map.

This is a powerful program that gives access to much useful information. If you have difficulty using it, give me a call.

Print this page to help you navigate the map.

Proceed to the Interactive San Francisco Map


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