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Film Review

Best Films: 2014

Best films (39, including documentaries) of 2014, listed in order of viewing:
A Touch of Sin (China)*
The Invisible Woman (UK)*
Oscar Nominated Shorts: Live Action (various countries)*
Gloria (Chile)
The Lunchbox (India, Germany & USA)
The Wind Rises (Japan)*
Omar (Palestine)
Bethlehem (Israel & Germany)*
The Rocket (Australia, Thailand & Laos)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (USA, Germany & UK)
Child's Pose (Romania)
Only Lovers Left Alive (USA & German)
Ida (Poland)* [My best foreign film of the year]
The Dance of Reality (France & Chile)
Boyhood (USA)* [My best American film of the year]
Siddharth (India & Canada)*
Foxcatcher (USA)*
Calvary (UK & Ireland)
Birdman (USA)
Force Majeure (France, Norway & Denmark)
The Homesman (USA)
Wild (USA)*
Unbroken (USA)
Mr. Turner (UK & Germany)*

The Square (Egypt & USA)
Oscar Nominated Shorts: Documentaries (various countries)*
Portrait of Wally (USA)
The Act of Killing (Finland, UK & Norway)
Particle Fever (USA)
Anita: Speaking Truth to Power (USA)*
The Missing Picture (France & Cambodia)*
Unknown Knowns (USA)
Finding Vivian Maier (USA)*
The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden (USA & Germany)
Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia (USA)*
Korengal (USA)*
Code Black (USA)
Citizenfour (USA & Germany)*
National Gallery (USA & UK)*

* Actually reviewed, but everything on this list deserved a review.

2014 was a particulary strong year for documentaries. Note that some of the first films on my list actually opened toward the end of 2013, but didn't screen in SF until January, 2014. And a pack of highly rated films that just opened in LA and NY will not open here until January, 2015: Selma, American Sniper, A Most Violent Year, Still Alice, Leviathan, and Two Days One Night. Have a great New Year, filled with more wonderful films on the big screen.

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